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By John R. Levine.
March 2004, 248 pages, US$35.95. C$50.95, £24.95, ISBN 1-56592-628-5.

Qmail has quietly become one of the most widely used applications on the Internet today. It's powerful enough to handle mail for systems with millions of users, like Yahoo! Mail, while remaining compact and manageable enough for the smallest Unix- and Linux-based PC systems. Its component design makes it easy to extend and customize while keeping its key functions secure. The book concentrates on common tasks like moving a sendmail setup to qmail, or setting up a "POP toaster," a system that provides mail service to a large number of users on other computers sending and retrieving mail remotely. The book also fills crucial gaps in existing documentation, detailing exactly what the core qmail software does.

Table of Contents


Part I. Introduction to Qmail
1. Internet Email
2. How Qmail Works
3. Installing Qmail
4. Getting Comfortable with Qmail
5. Moving from Sendmail to Qmail
6. Handling Locally Generated Mail
7. Accepting Mail from Other Hosts
8. Delivering and Routing Local Mail
9. Filtering and Rejecting Spam and Viruses

Part II. Advanced Qmail
10. Local Mail Delivery
11. Remote Mail Delivery
12. Virtual Domains
13. POP and IMAP Servers and POP Toasters
14. Mailing Lists
15. The Users Database
16. Logging, Analysis, and Tuning
17. Many Qmails Make Light Work
18. A Compendium of Tips and Tricks
A. A Sample Script
B. Online Qmail Resources

Updates to Qmail.

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