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Can you really cover all of qmail in 240 pages?

Sure, for two reasons. One is that qmail is a lot less complicated than some other mail programs (s*ndmail, for example.) The other is that I tried to avoid to be needlessly redundant, so if, for example, three programs are set up the same way, I describe the first one's setup and just tell you that the other two are the same rather than padding the book out with instructions that differ only in a word or two.

Do you cover the latest version of qmail?

Consdering that the latest version of qmail is 1.03 which was released in 1998, well, yes. It also mentions netqmail 1.05, a bundle of qmail 1.03 and a few widely used patches, which was released only a month before the book was shipped.

Do you cover RPMs and other distributions?

Only enough to explain why you're better off installing qmail (or now netqmail) yourself. The contents of RPMs vary a lot, they rarely document exactly what set of patches they use, and whatever the patches are, they're rarely the ones you want.

Why is there an owl rather than a dolphin on the cover?

O'Reilly's published a lot of books with animals on the cover. The dolphin's already taken, by Microsoft .net. (Eeww.)

Can people get autographed copies with fulsome inscriptions, to spiff up office shelves, impress management, and otherwise improve the quality of workplace life ?

Of course. Follow this link to order direct from the author, then send an e-mail to qmail@gurus.org saying what you'd like the inscription to say if you'd like something more than a plain autograph. (We reserve the right to edit for taste and plausibility.

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